♫ The Hills are alive with the sound of barking ! ♫ 😂 This month for Round 3 of racing we are off to the movies in Austria for a bit of fun. We start the 199Km trek from the infamous cable car that appeared in the classic war film 'Where Eagles Dare' then run around the Streets of Salzburg sniffing out the Von Trapp family, eventually passing through Anif Castle, the location of the Odessa File, The Slipper and the Rose and The Great Race. Then on to storming the Schloss Adler (Where Eagles Dare & Just Married), just before running out into a Meadow with the hounds about to break in to song LOL !. Finally on to Lofer for a swift well earned bevvy with Richard Burton (he was known for it) & Clint Eastwood in the famous Bavarian tavern. 🎥 Cue the music .....aaaaannnnddddd ACTION ! 🎬 Race Distance 128Km, Course Distance 199Km


Pin Location Film Information
A Feuerkogel cable car Ebensee Where Eagles Dare Some of the cable-car scenes were faked with a studio model, but the real aerial tramway seen in the film is the Feuerkogel Mountain lift, which has been operating since 1927, at Ebensee, at the southern tip of Traunsee in the Salzkammergut Mountains, over 30 miles east of Salzburg
B Basilika St. Michael Sound of Music This Collegiate Church served as the film location of Maria and Captain’s wedding processional.  It was one of only two major interior scenes of the movie shot on location instead of a movie set.
C Villa Trapp Sound of Music This was the real-life Von Trapp family mansion and across the road is the train stop they used to escape to Italy just one day before the borders were closed.
D Mirabell Palace Sound of Music Scenes from the end of the song “Do, Re, Mi” have the children dancing past the spouting fountain, through the garden, and mimicking the triumphant gladiator statues
E Dwarf Garden Sound of Music Scenes from the song “Do, Re, Mi” including skipping down the vine tunnel and the children patting the dwarf with glasses on the head.
F Salzburg Marionette Theater Sound of Music Maria and the children perform “Lonely Goatherd” with marionette puppets.  The local troop which inspired the scene also performs a full-length puppet version of The Sound of Music Broadway play
G Pferdeschwemme (Horse Fountain) Sound of Music Maria and the children dance past the Horse Bath in the song “My Favorite Things”.  A few other shots filmed here were cut from the movie.
H Haus für Mozart Knight and Day The hotel in which June (Cameron Diaz), Roy (Tom Cruise) and Simon stay, really is in Salzburg, but it’s not a hotel. It’s the exterior and foyer of the Haus für Mozart, the Kleines Festspielhaus, Hofstallgasse 1, at Max Reinhardt Square, the concert venue for the Salzburg Festival
I St Peter’s Church and Cemetery Sound of Music Saint Peter’s was the inspiration for the cemetery the Von Trapps used to hide from the Nazis at the end of the movie, although the scene was filmed in Hollywood.  The cemetery is home to the grave of Franz Wasner who was the real-life Max Detweiler
J Winkler Terrace Sound of Music The best city views are had during “Do Re Mi” from the terrace as Maria has the children mix up the order of the musical notes.  The terrace is also is where Maria appears while leaving the convent on her way to the Von Trapps for the first time
K Salzburg Cathedral Sound of Music A seventeenth-century Baroque cathedral featured in the film
L Residenz Square & Fountain Sound of Music During the song “I Have Confidence in Me”, Maria splashes in the horse fountain.  The Old Residenz also has a giant Nazi flag on its facade in the movie as soldiers march into the square marking the German annexation of Austria (the Anschluss).
M Mozart Footbridge Sound of Music Maria and the kids across the river while pointing during the instrumental end of “My Favorite Things” then skip along the grassy riverbank.
N Nonnberg Abbey Convent Sound of Music There are 4 scenes shot at the Abbey gates, and the nuns sing “Maria” inside, although the interior scenes were shot in a studio.  The real-life Maria lived here for 2 years, she taught in the convent, and was married here in 1927, which was actually 11 years before the Nazis arrived in Salzburg.  The real nuns sing here every morning at 6:45am.
O Palace Leopold Sound of Music All of the lake terrace scenes at the Von Trapp home were filmed here.  These include Maria falling off the boat into the lake with the children, Captain hearing the children sing, drinking pink lemonade, and the lakeside horse statues framing up Untersberg Mountain.  Leopold Palace was the original home of the Gazebo during filming.  The main foyer and staircase along with the golden ballroom from this mansion were re-created and filmed in a Hollywood studio.
P Frohnburg Palace Sound of Music Used to depict the gates of the Von Trapp estate where Maria arrives to meet the children singing the song “I have Confidence”, the kids try to quietly push the family car through the gates, and where Captain tears down a Nazi flag after their honeymoon.  A total of 5 scenes were shot here
Q Hellbrunn Palace (Pavillion) Sound of Music Where Liesl and Rolf sing “16 going on 17” while dancing around.  Maria and Captain also later sing “Something Good” in the Gazebo.  Most interior scenes had to be filmed in a studio as the inside of the real Gazebo was too small
R Anif Palace
  • The Great Race
  • Odessa File
  • The Slipper and The Rose
The Great Race as Baron von Stuppe's (Ross Martin) residence and The Odessa File as Roschmann's castle. Director Bryan Forbes revealed that the castle also appeared in the movie The Slipper and the Rose for exterior scenes, as Cinderella's home
S Sound of Music End Scene Sound of Music Location where the film ends with the von Trapp family traipsing through the Alps to Switzerland, secretly escaping from the Nazis
T Roßfeld Mountain Sound of Music Roßfeld was used to depict the family’s escape over nearby Untersberg Mountain during the closing scenes with “Climb Every Mountain”.  In real life they took a train to Italy and climbing this mountain would have put them right at Hitler’s backup command center in Berchtesgaden
U Hohenwerfen Castle
  • Where Eagles Dare,
  • Just Married
  • The Man in the High Castle
 You won’t have to make a scary cable-car ride. In fact, there is no cable-car (You started from it). The castle, now a falconry centre and museum, is accessible by a short, if steep, pathway from the village.
V Bahnhof Werfen Where Eagles Dare Railway station featured  in the action movie in central Werfen
W Sound of Music Trail Sound of Music Julie Andrews twirls around in circles during the opening scenes of the Sound of Music while singing “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music" - Barking on our trail run though.
X Werfen Picnic Meadow Sound of Music The famous picnic scene where Maria and the kids first start the song “Do, Re, Mi”.
Y Lofer Where Eagles Dare This doubled as the Village  in the film. It is actually where most of the village scenes were shot.
Z The Villa Egger Frühstückspension Where Eagles Dare The infamous bar where Burton has his brandy - Probably a decent Courvoisier. Sit down with the dogs and enjoy one safe in the knowledge you have completed the 199Km trek.